Tranopy Tour: Bobsled and Pool

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The next part of our Jamaica adventure was the Bobsled.  Luckily when we headed over there, there was no line.  The Bobsled was pretty short and simple.  The person in the front controlled the speed and the person in the back just chilled.  Josh and I chose to go fast the whole time; it was almost like riding a roller coaster.   It was a fairly short ride but definitely a lot of fun.

Once we finished with the bobsled, we headed over to the beautiful pool area which included an infinity pool, a slide, and beautiful views.   The water temperature was perfect and I could not get enough of the beautiful view.  I had a great time just relaxing after all of the excitement from zip lining and bobsledding.   I honestly wish Josh and I would have stayed until we had to leave instead of leaving early with everyone else.

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