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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

* I fully intended for this week to be "Jamaica Week".  I was going to share about every thing we did in Jamaica and about our amazing excursion but life got in the way and I only have about half of the posts done. 

* Work has been crazy.  It's like all of a sudden no one remembers how to do their job and my boss is on the verge of losing her shit.  I've been working no less than 48 hours since I got back from vacation and haven't had more than one day off each week.  This week I'll have at least 52 hours ... possibly more. 

* Josh and I are hopefully going to finally go to the Renaissance festival this Sunday.  I have the day off and he should too.  His birthday is on Saturday so it'll be my birthday present to him. 

* Josh has a stress test on Friday and hopefully after that we will know for sure if he's getting the job he signed up for.  This has been an extremely long and frustrating few months.  I'm learning fast that the Army never makes anything easy.

* I haven't been to the gym since the cruise and it's driving me crazy but with my crazy schedule at work, I haven't had any time.  Hopefully nothing happens tomorrow and I can get a good workout in.

* Next week I'm only scheduled for my normal 40 hours but I have a wedding one of my days off and a family party on the next day ... so, hopefully I'll have my Jamaica posts up but who knows.

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