Friends Cruise: Carnival Breeze

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A little over a year ago my friend Kristin and I decided to put the idea of going on a friends vacation out to all of our friends.  After much debate and discussion, it was decided that a cruise was the most feasible option.  We would all meet in Miami and go from there.  Nailing down a date was the next biggest thing and then deciding where to go.  I was a little hesitant about this one because Josh and I were already going to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, but I really wanted to go to Jamaica, so we booked.   After over a year of waiting, it was finally here!

Once we got to the port though, major problem.  Josh opened his passport only to realized that it wasn't his passport, it was my old one!  We were taken to an area where someone told us what we needed - a picture of his passport or birth certificates sent to their email which they would then print out.  Thankfully my Dad lives a few houses up from me and is friends with my landlord so they were able to get into my house and scan the documents.  It took over an hour for the whole process and my nerves were shot.   After everything was printed we were given priority to board and had no other issues - thank God.  So, after a minor heart attack, we were finally on board!

 Our ship this year was the Carnival Breeze. This was the largest ship we've been on and definitely the best as far as design goes, but it wasn't my favorite ship.  Although, we did love the slides!   We got a balcony room again because how could we not?  They're totally worth the extra money!  I will say that on this trip we definitely too more advantage of the outdoor things going on.  We participated in the sail away party, swam in the pools, laid on the serenity deck, played mini golf, and John and Josh participated in the Hairy Chest Contest.  We also did our normal stuff like the comedy shows, the dance shows, the hypnotist, and watched the beer pong contest which John won.

Our waiters for dinner on this trip were amazing!  The funniest guys ever!  Dinners were definitely some of my favorite times on this cruise!   Overall, it was a pretty good time, though by the last sea day I was definitely ready to be home.

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