Fitness Tips: Stop Drinking Soda

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Whenever someone asks me for a few easy weight loss tips, my first response is always STOP DRINKING SODA.

Seriously, there is absolutely zero health benefits to soda.  NONE.  It's just plain bad for you and I honestly have no clue why people drink it.  When I told her this, a friend of mine said, "but every time I stop drinking soda, I get headaches".  Well, that should tell you something right there.  If you're getting withdraw headaches from something you are drinking, it is NOT good for you.

First, lets talk about Aspartame.   Aspartame is a sweetener that is used in Soda and is extremely dangerous to our health.  It is composed of Methanol, Aspartic Acid, and Phenylalanine all of which can lead to neurological problems.  High levels of Phenylalanine have been linked to emotional disorders and depression.   Why on earth would you ever want to drink something with this crap in it?    Aspartame can also increase your appetite and carbohydrate cravings, and promote fat storage.  So ... EW.

Probably the biggest issue with soda is the sugar overload.  Sodas have approximately 200% or more of  the World Health Organizations daily recommendation for sugar intake!  That is insane!   The whole process is a bit more complicated but basically when you take in this much sugar at once the pancreas shoots off an insane amount of insulin.  Because of this, the liver turns any excess sugar into fat.  There is more to it which you can see in the graphic below, which I found on Pinterest.  But basically that is why drinking soda makes you fat because of the INSANE amount of sugar.

This graphic may be a little hard to see but you can find it on my Fitness and Wellness board on Pinterest.  Next time you drink a soda,  think about this graphic and what is happening to your body!  To me, it's totally not worth it.  The following graphic, also found on pinterest, illustrates some of the other effects soda has on the body, besides making you fat.

So, knowing all of this, is drinking soda still worth it?  For me, it totally isn't.  Need more convincing?  Watch the documentary Fed Up.  I learned a lot from that documentary - some of which I shared in this post. It will really make you think twice about what you put in your body, including soda.

So what should you drink?  Water!!  Any other sugary drink will have a lot of the same effects as soda, so going from drinking soda to drinking Kool Aid or Poweraide is not going to help with weightloss.  If you're really against drinking water because you don't like it (which in my opinion is just an excuse ... it's water) then maybe try a flavored water.  But regular water is better.  Yeah, your taste buds may not be as happy, but the rest of your body sure as hell will be.

* I am not a medical professional.  All the information here is gathered from watching documentaries, reading books, and searching the internet.  All the information here is consistent throughout all of the research that I have done for the purpose of improving my own health.

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