Cruise to the Bahamas

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Josh and I took our first cruise in 2012.  We were dating at the time and hadn't really taken a vacation together.  The idea of cruising did not appeal to me ... like, at all.  Why would I want to go to a place to only spend 6-8 hours there and be told when I have to leave ... no, thank you!  However, Josh really wanted to try cruising and practically begged me to give it a try.  I looked up prices and figured we have nothing to lose by giving it a try.  Plus, we could stop and see some friends on the drive from FL back to MD. 

I'm so glad that Josh pushed so hard to try cruising because I fell in LOVE!  Seriously, cruising is amazing!  Our first cruise was aboard the Carnival Fascination, which is one of Carnivals smaller ships.  This was fine by me because I had a hard enough time getting around, I didn't need anything bigger.  We went with a Porthole room because I have issues and couldn't be in a windowless room.  It was also a bit bigger than the interior rooms, so that worked out well. 

I was also a bit nervous about the whole eating-dinner-with-other-people thing.  I tend to be really awkward when I meet new people, but luckily Josh is Mr. Personality and can talk to anyone.  We ended up being seated with a fantastic group of people around our age.  I actually looked forward to going to dinner every night!  We even went out dancing with everyone on our last night. 

There was also a million things to do on the ship.  We enjoyed a bunch of shows and fun games - like the hairy chest contest.  I'm still mad at Josh for not doing that one!!   We also happened to get engaged on this trip, which just made it that much better!  Needless to say, we fell in love with cruising and have taken two more since this first one, and we don't plan to stop any time soon!

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