Bucket List: Georgetown Cupcake

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On one of our DC trips in 2013 Josh and I decided to cross something off of my bucket list.  We headed to Georgetown to try Georgetown Cupcake!  The co-founders are the stars of the show DC Cupcakes!  I absolutely love cupcakes and I had heard nothing but good things about this place.

The little bakery is located on M. Street in Georgetown, Washington DC.  The place was crowded but it only took us 5 minutes to get in, order and get our cupcakes!  I was definitely impressed, I was expecting to wait way longer!

 They all looked so good, I really had a hard time choosing and almost got a half dozen just because I didn't know what to pick, neither did Josh.  They had a ridiculous amount of flavors to pick from!  I ended up picking Chocolate Banana and Josh picked Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl.  They were both delicious!  I really loooved the frosting on my Chocolate Banana it was very fluffy and not like normal cupcake frosting.  It was definitely worth walking a bit to get there.  (Closest Metro is Foggy Bottom/GWU).

Nassau, The Bahamas

Friday, September 25, 2015

Nassau was the second stop on our 5 day cruise to the Bahamas.  Josh and I weren't big fans of Nassau for a few reasons but I think we would have enjoyed our time there more if we had booked a day in Atlantis.  If we ever go back, this is what we'll do.  I wouldn't recommend trying to do Nassau on your own like we did.  I do, however, recommend spending some time at Senor Frogs before you leave!  It really is as crazy and fun as everyone says!  We spent a good part of our day here and it really did save the day for us!

 When we arrived on the island, we figured we'd just find a beach, but that didn't happen.  So, we caught a taxi with some other cruisers and figured we'd go to Atlantis and just purchase an excursion there.  Well, after standing in a line that literally did not move for 30 minutes we just figured we'd ask where a public beach is and go there.   We were told that there was one right next to Atlantis, so that's where we went.  And since Josh had never haggled before, he payed way to much for some loungers and umbrellas.  The beach was pretty though and we spent a few hours there before we decided we needed food.  Plus we were pretty much the only people on this beach and it felt kind of weird.

We left the beach and caught another taxi at Atlantis and had him take us to Senor Frogs, which happened to be a short walk from where we were docked.  Also, we were so mad when we found out that there is a public beach right behind Senor Frogs - we definitely did not prepare well for this port.   We had some great food and a few drinks and just hung out at Senor Frogs for the rest of the afternoon.  We also had the best waitress and I definitely wrote an email to them about how great she was.  She told us she'd only been there for about a month, but she was fantastic.

Overall, I was not all that impressed with Nassau, especially after the fantastic day we had at Half Moon Cay - but I would be willing to return and check out the Atlantis a bit more. 

We thought the Disney ship looked so neat!  We'll definitely be checking out Disney Cruises in the future!

Our Excursions, Half Moon Cay

Thursday, September 24, 2015

We decided to do two excursions on Half Moon Cay.  The first, and my favorite, was horseback riding on the beach.  I am a horse lover and this has been something I've wanted to do pretty much forever.   The excursion was broken into two parts.  First we got into normal saddles and rode on a trail which took us to the highest point on the island.  Once we got back to where we started they put these pad-like saddles on the horses and we were broken up into two groups and were able to ride the horses in the water.  I had a beautiful white and brown paint horse for this and I loved him!  Josh and I did this part separately so that we could take photos of each other. 

Our second excursion was kayaking and it was just OK.  Our guide was pretty much useless but we did see some pretty cool marine life when we stopped in this little cove.  It was also neat to kayak in the ocean.  It wasn't a complete waste of time or anything but it's not one I'd go out of my way to recommend either.  

Also, we are completely retarded and didn't realize that the disposable underwater cameras are only meant to be used underwater.  So the photos are pretty much crap.

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