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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey new friends ... and old friends.  When I stopped blogging a few months ago, I had no intention of starting back up again.  I was still reading my favorite blogs but other than that, I was pretty much over it.  Then big life changes happened that made me rethink that. 

Lets start from the beginning.  My Husband, Josh got laid off from his job on June 11th.  We were expecting it to happen at some point (we both worked there) but we were expecting at least another month, which would have given him time to find another job.   That very same day Josh called our local Army Career Center and made and appointment with a recruiter - something we had been talking about long before the layoff.  On June 15th he talked with the recruiter and started the enlistment process including making an appointment for MEPS on June 22nd.  They took him to Fort Meade, MD Sunday night and he took his ASVAB and did his medical exam on Monday.  He did very well on both but had a high wax build up in his ears and they wouldn't clear him until he got them cleaned so his recruiter took him to have that done but the Dr. had left before they got back.  So, the following Monday the recruiter took him back down to MEPS to get him signed off on that - they lost his paperwork so it took longer than it should have but he got signed off.  He met with his recruiter the next day to pick a job.  Since the job he picked requires a high security clearance, I'm going to refrain from posting what he picked until I know how much I can share ... I will say that it's very cool and I'm thrilled that it's not a combat MOS!

Tuesday July 7th he swore in at Fort Meade.  For anyone who doesn't know, MEPS is the worst place ever!  I was told to get there at 11 because the swearing in happens around noon - yeah, I got there at 1045 and he didn't swear in until 315.  Thank God for Harry Potter.

He was supposed to have his flight physical within 10 days of swearing in but leave it to the Army to make us wait almost a month.  His first flight physical was on August 10th.  After a month of waiting his first flight physical happened and went well.  He then scheduled the next one for August 20th which would be the last one.  When he went back they had to redo his blood because he had high blood sugar and cholesterol and also told him that he needed to go see a dentist.  Once the dentist sent their paperwork, he'd have the results in 3-4 weeks (he went to the dentist on the 24th).  Ugh.  I was hoping that when I launched this blog, we would have answers, but the Army had other ideas.  So that is what has been going on with our lives pretty much all summer.

I started to blog again because I want to document our lives in the Army, however long that may be.  I also want to be able to keep our families and friends up to date once we inevitably move.  That being said, this blog will mostly be daily life things and travels within our new hometown, wherever that may be.  So, welcome to my new blog and I hope you enjoy!

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