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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

 I love to travel and it's a love that started when I was very young and traveled to Canada.  I love going somewhere that I've never been before.  I love meeting people whose way of life is different than mine.  I love learning about different cultures and hearing stories from people who live so far from me.  I love the experiences and the knowledge and acceptance I've gained from traveling.   Each of my trips have been a unique experience that I'll always treasure and the people I've met will always have a place in my heart.  I also think that due to the nature of some of my travels, I have a different perspective on things than others on certain subjects.  Because I have witnessed such extreme poverty, I have learned that I need to be grateful for what I have and I do not concern myself with things such as brands or having the newest "thing".   I've learned that I can live minimally and still be happy.  I get by on what I need and the rest of my money gets donated or put in savings.   Travel can teach so much and that is definitely something I am grateful for.

 I love to read, and do so every chance I get.  I am one of those people who gets so lost in a book that if you try to talk to me while I'm reading, I probably wont hear you.  I love being transported into someone else's world and going through the ups and downs with the characters.  It also amazes me, people's ability to write these stories!  J.K. Rowling just amazes me, the world she created is so complex and detailed and I'm amazed at her ability to create that world in a way that feels so real to the reader.  I often get so emotionally invested in books but I love that.  I still get sad thinking of Dumbledore and Fred.

 I love animals and usually like them more than people.  I am passionate about animal rights because for the most part animals are defenseless against humans.  Dogs are so loyal and trusting that humans have the ability to take advantage of them and break them.  Horses are such beautiful animals, but are often mistreated especially in the racing industry.  Elephants are incredible creatures but people kill them for money.  It absolutely breaks my heart and infuriates me that people can be so selfish and hateful.   Most of my donation money goes towards animal shelters and rescues because I want to help give a voice to those who can't speak.  Also, I make myself aware of the products that are tested on animals and am sure to avoid such products.  There are lists online that I check quite regularly - I just started doing this within the last two or so years, so I am definitely still learning.

My wellness has always been important to me, but I've really become passionate about it within the last few years.  My Mom was a personal trainer, so I knew how to eat right and I've always known my way around the gym.  I don't have an epic weight loss story or anything because I've never been more than 10lbs over what I should be - and I am definitely grateful for that.  I do, however, know people who have struggled to lose weight simply because they didn't know the correct way to do it and were discouraged when the stupid fad diet they tried didn't work.  I think it's so important for people to be educated about the truth behind the food we eat and weight loss.   It kills me when people show me their "healthy" meals (which they truly believe are healthy) and there is nothing healthy about it.

Where to even start with this one?  Lets just say I'm a little bit of a hippie.  I believe in buying organic food products.  I believe in spending the few extra dollars to buy reusable bags.  I believe in reducing the amount of plastic I use in my daily life.   I believe that our environment is worth protecting.   It's a lot easier to be environmentally friendly than people think it is and I believe that once people see how easy it can really be do reduce their carbon footprint, maybe they'll think it's worth it. 

All of these things are things that I am passionate about and things that you will probably be reading a lot about on this blog. 

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